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About Us

Viet Sun Tea was founded in 2022 by Steve and Thơm with the intention of sharing Vietnamese tea with the world. We sell teas that come from natural, biodiverse areas, are free of chemicals, made of high quality material and are processed in a way to bring out the best possible final product. We are always looking for new teas and areas to explore.  

We offer a selection of teas that in our opinion, showcase the best of the various wild growing tea tree tea producing regions of Vietnam. All of our teas are from wild growing areas and many are produced from tea trees hundreds of years in age (Trà cổ thụ/ Gu shu cha).

You'll notice that the leaves of our teas look a bit different in color, shape and size from each other. The tea trees we source teas from were naturally propagated or grown from seed. This method of natural and seed propagation and minimal human intervention results in every tree having a slightly different genetic makeup. Think of it like different members of a family. We hope you'll enjoy the nuances of these inconsistencies and appreciate letting the leaves speak for themselves. 

Most of the teas have simple names that indicate which areas they are from. We hope to give you a better look into the various tea producing terroirs and broaden your knowledge of Vietnamese tea. 

Tea is something close to our heart and we only sell teas that we enjoy drinking.


Some of the teas we offer on this website are available in larger amounts. We are also able to source many other types of teas from Vietnam. Send us an email if you are interested in a wholesale product list or have any questions. 


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